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Who We Are

Seed Savers Network-Kenya is a social enterprise dedicated to improving seed access and agro-biodiversity conservation. SSN-Kenya works with smallholder farmers to improve the quality of non-GMO crops by integrating modern seed saving techniques with age-old seed banking techniques. The network is managed from Gilgil and has worked with over 50,000+ farmers across 5 Counties in Kenya including Nakuru, Nyandarua, Kiambu, Baringo and Kakamega in seed saving at farm level, ecological Agriculture, capacity building, community biodiversity register (CBR), open-source seed system (OSSS) and Advocacy for food sovereignty.

Agricultural Extension Services

Services to farmers and seed growers-which include farmer education on a variety of fields including seed bulking, seed multiplication, seed selection, small-scale seed bank development, among others. We also offer assistance on crop pest control as well as sustainable crop production and environment restoration.

Agricultural Consultancy Services

Our agricultural consultancy cover a wide range of agrarian areas including seed and soil conservation, market analysis, crop production, among others. Actually, these services represent the core principals upon which our values and operating goals are derived.

Seed/Plant Materials and Market Links

We are involved in outsourcing markets to farmer’s products and supply of seedlings. Similarly, as part of our general activities we also encourage farmers and farmer groups to interact more often not only to share ideas but also to broaden their networks and learn new ways of seed and biodiversity preservation.

Community Bio-diversity Register

SSN-Kenya preserves local crops by developing a community bio-diversity register (CBR), promoting indigenous knowledge and maintaining a database of custodian farmers who save and re-plant their heritage seeds from open-pollinated plants that improve over time.

Our Services

Ecological Farming

Seed Saving Practices

Internship programs

Agro-ecological Agriculture requires conservation of natural resources (land, water and air) by ensuring no environmental pollution. Seed Savers Network trains farmers on Organic Bio-pesticides formulation, Vermi compost and liquid manure making in order to minimize use of external inorganic farm inputs.

In order to effectively accomplish our duties, we continuously subject our instructors to rigorous field exercises and workshops. It is from these exercises that we develop our training materials ranging from manuals to video tutorials and many more. Similarly, such material is used to train farmers on the best seed preservation methods. In this case, we utterly value the contribution of such materials in our daily efforts towards seed and biodiversity preservation.

This is perhaps one of most significant programs to date owing to its vast potential. We believe that the future of plant and animal biodiversity lies in today’s youth and that is why we are relentlessly reaching out to more youth groups and individuals to train them on the importance of seed and biodiversity preservation.

Our Skills

Seed Knowledge
Plant Biodiversity
Agricultural Extension Services