When I arrived at Curtis Kamau’s farm at around 10.30am, I got him busy negotiating with two middle aged gentlemen, thereafter he started harvesting spinach which he was done after 15 minutes.He came towards where I was seated enjoying the sunshine as well as admiring his farm. He started explaining why I got them negotiating with the vegetable buyers.

” I do sell my farm produce from 7.00am up to 10.00am.Today  they came 30 min late and I was not willing to leave my farm work and cater for them but they insisted claiming they came from a different village that is  my farm schedule it is either you come in the morning before 10.00am or in the evening after 4.00pm but during the day time I don’t want people coming around so that I can concentrate with work in the  farm. Rules must apply even in farms,” He jokingly said. I nodded and felt welcomed since he was expecting my coming.

“Covid-19 is a menace that is in our midst, not sure when it will eventually leave us so I’m working extra harder to make sure that I satisfy my customers from far and from neighborhood since I’m in semi- urban setup. I have been farming for so many decades but now I specialize in vegetables both traditional and exotic since its profitable though demanding.I grow them organically and that gives me more customers comparing with other farmers that grow vegetables like I do around here. People are slowly becoming sensitive of what they eat with the increase in lifestyle diseases, “He added

Curtis preparing his liquid manure

Mr. Curtis incorporate manure in his garden before every planting season then liquid manure to boost his crops during the growth period. He also makes his own organic pesticides when he identifies pests in his crop field.Which he got some insights from seed savers Network  during his  group training.

Organic farming makes his farming life so easy since he does not  buy expensive farm input from the shop thus reducing his production costs.He says his efforts although tedious and slow rewards him. He also extract his own seeds once the plants mature for the next planting season and excess sells to other farmers for instance seedlings for Managu.

Before we concluded, he received another buyer from neighborhood to pick kales that she had ordered in the morning. He denoted that Mothers are his loyal customers. Again  he also does the whole farm alone. He shared how he carefully plan his garden and follow very well crop rotation to discourage harboring of pest and diseases. Before I left his garden, he gifted  me with seed.