We are envisioned to become a leading agent in promoting diverse seed access to the farming communities in Kenya.

Certified avocado seedlings

To enhance this, we are working closely with the government agencies; Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate and

Horticultural Crops Development Authority .Our role in bridging the gap in accessing planting materials free from diseases is growing each day with its demand increasing.

So far we have raised 10,000 grafted avocado seedlings for the farmers. The seedlings will produce fruits faster and there is a ready market for the fruits in local and export markets. The seedlings are also available for non-members who would like to buy at our nursery.


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  1. Serah

    where are your avocado seedlings available?

    1. SSKblogger

      At our offices

      1. Kristy

        You’ve really imesrespd me with that answer!

        1. SSKblogger

          Thank you

  2. Gloriana

    What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evgehtyinr!

    1. SSKblogger


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