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Existing Seeds legal framework locally and internationally continue to prioritize complete ownership of seeds by individuals. This is done through provision of intellectual property rights. This limits the freedom of farmers to save the seeds. As an organization  we have realized an ideal system in addition to farmers seed system called Open Source Seed System that encourage breeders not to patent the seeds but declare them Open Source. This has been made possible by learning from Hivos. This ensures that seeds remain free for use with no limitation. The system...
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The birth and growth of modern science in plant breeding over the years was seen as a ‘savior’ in solving various agricultural production problems. Farmers sang the chorus ‘it is a new variety’ as breeders embarked on hybridization. Millions and millions of farmers abandoned their local ones hoping to improve their livelihood.This blossomed and there was massive plant genetic erosion for local varieties. The tendency entrapped farmers due to implications of Plant Breeders Rights (PBRs). Their freedom to share and exchange saved seeds was limited. The practice was an old...
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Seed extraction in pulpy vegetables is unique and requires an extra effort. This category include; tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, cucumber, Courgettes, black nightshade and most fruits. At the field the farmer needs to identify diseases free, true-to type, high yielding, resistant to adverse growth factors and high growth rate seed plant. The farmers need to follow this procedure to save seeds for above crops; Cut a mature and well ripen fruit into two equal halves (Tomato, pumpkin, melon etc.) A Farmer extracting tomato seeds Black night shade seeds extraction Scoop the...
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The Hidden Treasure In Organic Fertilizer

Over the years, there have been drastic changes in agricultural production, processing and storage compared to ancient Agriculture. Agrarian Revolution sparked the new era of industrial Farming which has raised the debate for sustainable agriculture. Excessive application of inorganic fertilizer has been on increasing scale in Kenya. The farming communities are left on their own to decide on the quantities and frequency of application. This creates disequilibrium between the health of their soils and profit margins for agribusiness companies. The concept of the law of diminishing returns needs to be...
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Agro-biodiversity On The Field Defies Army Worm

   Kenyan field There is enough to harvest on 2000 m² field of Maina’s family despite shortage of rain and outbreak of army worm (Photo: Seed Savers Network) Seed Savers Network and also our 2000 m² Team are happy to report that the idea of the 2000 m2Field in Gilgil in Kenya has shown some potential in feeding households, especially at this period when Kenya has experienced production challenges due to shortage of rain and outbreak of army worm. This marks the most difficult moment for farmers across Kenya as maize, which...
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